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  • 4 Bedroom Semi Detached Duplex with Servant's Quarters

4 Bedroom Semi Detached Duplex + Servant's Quarters


This stunning 4 bedroom semi-detached is located in the heart of Gwarimpa with all rooms en-suite. A master bedroom and a dream walk in closet, a lobby and a guest bedroom providing the home owner and guest privacy and comfort, a spacious living room to entertain guests, socialize, and to relax. The living room is crafted with a contemporary themed interior, a range of color schemes from our color palette to suit your taste and give the ideal ambience. All rooms are well ventilated with sizable windows also to allow natural lighting.

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Property Detail

  • Available
  • Yes
  • Gwarinpa District
  • 4 Bd Semi Detached Duplex + SQ


Estate Amenities

Optional Additional Features


24 Hours CCTV Surveillance


Stand by Generators


Landscaped Surrondings

Floor Plans

  • 12.2sqm
  • 2.9sqmt
  • 8.5sqm
  • 21.6sqm
  • 5.5sqm
  • 10.8sqm
  • 11.7sqm
  • 35.6sqm
  • 17.9sqm
  • 5.5sqm
  • 4.8sqm
  • 3.3sqm
  • 19.8sqm
  • 5.2sqm
  • 21.3sqm
  • 6.3sqm
  • 23.3sqm
  • 17sqm
  • 32.6sqm
  • 8.4sqm
  • 6.6sqm
  • 9.6sqm